Sunday, 16 August 2015

Swedish Body Massage In Himalayas

Plan a visit to Almora a small hilly town in Uttarakhand to get away from the heat and humidity. There are plenty of luxury resorts in Himalayas and Kalmatia Sangam is one of them. Our resort transports you to a natural environment where all modern amenities are available. Here you will be able to enjoy nature in its purest form.

While the resort arranges picnics, sightseeing, village walks and other physical activities, it also offers a number of relaxing options within the resort. Foot reflexology, Swedish body massage, yoga, swimming and library are at your disposal to use and spend a lazy day within the hotel. If you are planning to get pampered you can opt for a Swedish body massage.

This massage technique is based on deep pressure differing from other massage types. It is believed to increase oxygen in blood as well as rids the body of metabolic wastes, uric and lactic acids. It is known to help a great deal in relieving joint pains and stiffness, enhance flexibility and helps in improvement of blood circulation.

There are five types of techniques used in Swedish body massage:

Massage Therapy of the back
Effleurage is used in the upper back neck and shoulder using long gliding strokes. This helps in relieving and reducing stress.

The kneading and squeezing of muscles is called Petrissage. It helps to smooth out muscles as well as gets rid of lumps and impure substances.

Tapotment is used where the masseur taps the back muscles by either drumming or light slapping. Vibration is used for the neck and shoulders. It  was initially done by hands but now there are devices like vibrating chairs or cushions which can be used. It gives the body highest form of relaxation and can make you fall asleep.

Friction is mainly used to work on muscle fibers and the movement is circular or perpendicular. Use of normal or aromatic oil helps to smooth the hand movement of the masseur.

All the steps in Swedish body massage helps to relieve you of fatigue, exhaustion and joint pains if any. This form of massage is particularly recommended to sports people as it releases knots and tension in the muscles and gives them greater flexibility. There are also deep tissue massaging. Getting this kind of massage on a holiday is a luxury and it is available to you in Kalmatia Sangam, the luxury resort in Himalayas.

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