Thursday, 4 June 2015

Kumaon Mountain Views

Mountain View
Best resorts in Himalayas always strive to give its guests panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges visible from this part of India. A number of majestic Himalayan ranges are visible from our boutique resort Kalmatia Sangam. The guest cottages are built with the aim to give a spectacular view of the snow clad peaks. Because of the elevation where Kalmatia Sangam is situated the weather remains mild even during the height of summers. Also you will be surrounded by thick forest which is typical to this region.

Our cottages open out to veranda and sun terrace with great view of the mountain and you can catch the sun rise and set casting beautiful golden hue over the distant peaks. The Himalayan region covers a span of 2400Km long arc from west to east bordering India and a number of countries in the north. A part of this is visible from our resort providing a remarkable spectacle for the guests. The great Nanda Devi range visible from Kumaon region is the second highest range in India with an elevation of 7816m from the sea level.

View of the Nanda Devi from the resort
The most visible range from Kalmatia Sangam is the Trishul mountain with the elevation of 7120m. It is a group of three great Himalayan peaks in this region. These three peaks together form a trident like view, a weapon of Lord Shiva. Another great Himalayan peak in this region is Panchachuli with an elevation of 6905m. It is great to use this part for base camp for trekking.

Nanda Kot with an elevation of 6861m lies in the Kumaon Himalayas. The name Nanda Kot means ‘Nanda’s Fortress’. It is known to be the home of Goddess Parvati.

The visitors to this part of India can enjoy the rare treat of catching the terrific view of the majestic Himalayas provided by best resorts in Himalayas like Kalmatia Sangam.

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