Monday, 29 December 2014

Accommodation in Kalmatia Sangam

Almora- a small town in Kumaon district in Uttarakhand is a scenic destination in the foothills of Himalayas. With the majestic mountain ranges surrounding the town, Almora has some of the best resorts in Himalayas. Kalmatia Sangam, a 14 acres property is one of the best places to stay in while you are visiting this region. It is seven kilometers away from the town and is surrounded by lush green flora.

The accommodation in our resort consists of ten cottages spread around the property which are tastefully decorated and provides all types of comforts that you expect in any other premiere establishment. Each cottage has a stunning view of the surrounding mountain ranges. This region is famous for number of exotic bird species, therefore all cottages in our resort is named after birds.

Bedroom, Eagle's Nest Cottage 
If you are coming with a family of four or in a large group, Eagle’s Nest would be the most suitable for your requirement. It is a duplex cottage with a sitting room and a large bedroom. A separate sleeping area is provided for the children. If you have a larger group you can always ask for extra bedding. This cottage is named after various types of eagles which are native to this region.

Another species of bird which frequent this region is Himalayan Magpie. Our octagonal cottage constructed out of stone is named after this bird species. This is one of our small cottages built for a newlywed couple or a small family.

The next cottage is named after a common variety of bird which is found in this region called Himalayan Cuckoo. It has more space and the bedroom is quite spacious to accommodate a family of four. There is a separate living area too. The bedroom is attached to a large sun terrace which gives you a spectacular view of the mountains.

The next cottage is called Hoopoe which is another common bird species found here. It is situated below Cuckoo and is also quite spacious to accommodate a family with children. It has a bedroom with double bedding and a small sitting area. Extra bedding can be provided if you ask for it.

Sitting Area, Scarlet Minivet Cottage 
Two common varieties of birds in this region are Pheasant and Patridge. Two of our cottages are names after these. They are built with two level accommodations with a view to accommodate bigger groups or family. They have balconies with mountain view.

Our more compact cottage is called Owl which is a common species in this area. This cottage is set on a lower level nearer to the reception. This is ideal for elderly or a single person. This cottage provides twin bedding and a small sitting area. There is a veranda with sitting arrangement.

Scarlet Minivet is a tropical bird with a black and scarlet body. Our next cottage is named after this bird species. The stone cottage bearing the name of this bird is similarly built like owl.

Kalmatia Sangam, one of the best Himalayan resorts, provides you with a comfortable accommodation and makes your stay a memorable one.

Monday, 8 December 2014

A Visit To The Binsar Wildlife Santuary

The Kumaon region in Uttarakhand is famous for its natural beauty, fresh clean air and snow capped Himalayan peaks. Among such scenic surrounding Kalmatia Sangam offers you a holiday which will refresh your body and mind. It is a destination resort which is set on a hill top 10 KMs away from Almora town. The clean mountain air and the scenic beauty will rejuvenate you and help you appreciate the view of great peaks of Himalayas and the flora and fauna found in this region. The drive from Kathgodam to the resort is a wonderful experience when you get the first sight of the Himalayan peaks and look down upon the green valleys and rippling river below, while you head towards the resort.

We, at this destination resort aspire to spoil you with a comfortable stay with proper amenities and tasty food. We plan out some activities for you so that you are able to enjoy all the things that this place has to offer. A trip to Binsar Wild Life Sanctuary is worth a visit while you are holidaying with us.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is set in the deep forest, 33 Km from Almora. It is a home for many birds, out of which number of them are migratory. So if you are a bird watcher or interested in wildlife Binsar Sanctuary is the place which will hold your interest. The sanctuary is also meant to conserve and protect the broad leaf Oak forest which is an endangered species. There are about 200 species of bird found in this region like Laughing Thrush, Forktail, Nuthatches, Blackbirds, Parakeets, Monal, types of Pheasant, Magpies, and Woodpeckers etc.

Situated on the slopes of the mountain Binsar Sanctuary has Rhododendron and Oak forest at the higher level and a vast expanse of Pine forest at the lower level. The place is thriving with alpine flora, hanging moss, ferns and wild flowers. The serene atmosphere will allow you to enjoy the gifts the nature has to offer among their natural surroundings. The view of the Himalayan peaks from the sanctuary is spectacular.

The sanctuary is the home of many animals like Leopard, Musk Deer, Chital, Black Bear, Pine Marten, Langur, Fox, Monkeys, Porcupine, Ghoral etc. You will find a wide range of butterflies flitting in the forest as well as many reptiles and invertebrates.

Spend the day in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary walking through the Rhododendron forest along the gushing streams and enjoy the hearing the sounds of birds singing among the tranquility of the surroundings.