Friday, 13 February 2015

Seasons in Kumaon

Seasons in Kumaon are every bit as beautiful in Summer as they are in Winter, the Kumaon has five very distinct seasons, Monsoon being one of them.

Kalmatia Sangam located in the heart of Kumaon region offers year round trails, treks, getaways and relaxation options from Spring - when it all beings, to Winter - the "Grand Finale".

Spring & Summer
Rainy Day at Kalmatia Sangam
Escape from the furnace of the plains to be greeted by cool, pine scented breezes, the song of birds and a variety of butterflies.

Blue skies, tender green leaves, blossoming fruit trees, the forests ablaze with rhododendron flowers and magnificent views of the snowy peaks.

Refreshing rain storms now and then, providing a lucky split in the cloud cover with slight glimpses of the Himalayan peaks. Gardens blooming with wild lilies and sweet scented roses.

With no incessant rains, as in other hill stations, Kumaon is fresh and pleasant. Lush, deep green and with a riot of colours from the many varieties of wild flowers and mushrooms - both edible (Chanterelle) and non-edible.

Chances of sudden, dramatic views of the Himalaya.  A paradise of wild herbs.

Lazy, golden days with clear skies and usually crisp, clear Himalayan views.

Snow Covered cottages at Kalmatia Sangam
Wild cherry trees loaded with gorgeous pink and white blossom and the village houses a pretty sight with fat, yellow pumpkins and red chillies drying on the roof tops.

Ideal days for hikes and cosy evenings in front of the "bukhari" wood stove, toasting one's feet to keep out the chill.

300 km of unhampered Himalayan views; Clear, crisp air as intoxicating as champagne!

Early mornings at Kalmatia Sangam; An island surrounded by an ocean of mists which slowly disperse with the warmth of the rising sun.