Monday, 28 July 2014

Enchanting Walk through Himalayan Villages

Uttarakhand, the northern state of India, is a home to the hilly region of Kumaon, situated in the foothills of Himalaya. This region offers stunning view of the snowcapped peaks of Greater Himalayas standing majestically against the blue sky, surrounded by abundance of lush green vegetation, to the visitors.

The Himalayan village resort like ours at Kalmatia Sangam have come up with an unusual concept of Kumaon village walk. We advise you to allocate at least 4 days to this activity if you are visiting for a week. The village walk enables the guests to experience the simple lifestyle led by the people of this mountainous region.

The walk gives you an opportunity to pass through the green terraced fields, rhododendron forest, waterfalls, pine forests and view the authentic lifestyle of the simple villagers in this part of the country. To make the trek more comfortable we provide an English speaking guide and porters to carry your luggage.

We assure you a comfortable stay in an authentic Himalayan village resort where the houses are constructed out of stone, wood and slate in the traditional pattern. The interiors are painted with mud to keep it cool in summers and warm in winters.  Our village houses are clean and comfortable with beds and other amenities like mineral water and western toilet. After a long walk through the villages during the day, this is where you can relax and spend the night. You can freshen up with a hot bath from a bucket of water with aromatic organic soap and clean fluffy towels.

The walk itself is an unforgettable experience where you get to see the tradition followed by the people of this region. Each day we strive to show you a different village, mingle with the people there, accept their hospitality and eat sumptuous Kumaoni meals cooked right in front of you.

Part of this walks leads to a greater height where some of the villages are located. The height allows the guests to experience the magnificent view of the green valley below and the mountain tops at a distance. You can sit in the stone courtyard of your village house and watch the sun set over the grand peaks of Nandadevi. With a warm drink and refreshment this is a blissful experience.

The best time to visit Kumaon region for village trek is from mid-September to mid-April. This period is blessed with absolute clear sky, crisp weather and variety of fauna unique to this region.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Home Away From Home - Kalmatia Sangam Cottages

The scenic region of Almora in Kumaon district in Uttarakhand boasts of some truly amazing hotels and resorts. Being comfortable and reasonable they encourage the guests to relax and mingle with the nature. Kalmatia Sangam is one such boutique resort. This Himalyan resort is 7km away from Almora and is perched on a lush green hilltop.

Eagle's Nest Cottage
We offer cottages for the guests to stay in, which are named after birds as this region is the home of many exotic bird species as well as numerous migratory ones. The largest among the cottages is Eagle’s Nest which can accommodate a whole family of children or a group of bachelors. Incidentally various types of Eagles can be spotted in this area and it sets an apt description of the cottage. It is a duplex with sitting room downstairs and bedroom and washroom upstairs. There is separate sleeping space for children.

Himalayan Magpie
The octagonal stone structured cottage, Himalyan Magpie, acquires its name from another bird which frequents this region. This is built for a smaller family or a couple. It faces the mountain with a spectacular view.

Himalyan Cuckoo is a common variety which is found in this region from which the next cottage gets its name. It too has a spacious living area which can accommodate a family of four. Its large bedroom opens out to a huge sun terrace with a magnificent mountain view.

A common species of bird seen around this Himalyan resort is Hoopoe with its feather crested crown and long tapering bill.  The cottage below Cuckoo takes its name from this one, Hoopoe. Mountain facing this cottage too accommodates a small sitting area with a spacious bedroom. It can easily accommodate a family of four.

Partridge Cottage
Pheasant and Partridge, two well-known bird species lend their names to the next two cottages. They have long balcony with mountain view. These also have two level accommodation ideal for a large family or a group. 

Owl, the snug compact cottage with twin beds, sitting area and a veranda with sitting arrangement is the best for elderly or solo travelers.

The next cottage, Scarlet Minivet is a fairytale stone cottage. Scarlet Minivet is a small bird with black and scarlet body colors, also found in this Kumaon region. It is more or less designed similarly as Owl.
Each cottage is elegantly decorated and contains all modern amenities. Extra bedding is also available if required.

If the guests are looking for a relaxed fun filled stay it is best that they make it a little more than the weekend. With four days and three nights one gets to explore the surroundings as well as rest. The resort team takes the initiative to make the stay eventful.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Kalmatia Sangam - A Dream Come True Experience

Sitting in our normal surroundings we dream of getting away to a place where there is no traffic, no TV, no official calls or some other responsibilities…a quiet place with cool clean air blowing through the trees, birds chirping, a profusion of flowers hanging over the balcony, small stream gurgling by and finally a lush green surrounding with a backdrop of snow clad peaks. All this and more can be within your reach at the hotels in Himalayas.

Kalmatia Sangam in one such boutique resort in Himalayas. It is situated on a hilltop, 7km from Almora, in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Holidaying in this property is a dream come true experience where you can come closest to the nature. We have ten cottages catering to the needs of diverse group of people. All of them give a mountain view and one can get a peek of snow clad peaks of majestic Himalayan ranges. The accommodation caters to a diverse group of people, from honeymooning couple to senior people to families with children! For bigger families there are duplex cottages with an option of extra bed as per requirement. The cottages are clean, elegantly decorated, equipped with modern amenities. While holidaying in this beautiful place you will never miss the comforts of home!

You wake up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping. Once you step out you can breathe in the cool crisp air and head for a sumptuous breakfast on the terrace with the morning sun warming your back. The resort offers variety of cuisine to tease your taste buds. From Mediterranean to Italian to European and Indian it’s your choice! While lunch is a buffet, dinner is a candle light affair set in the wilderness, an experience to remember.

Amongst the activities that are planned by the resort for the guests, bird watching is very popular as a variety of native and migratory birds can be seen here and in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary which is a short distance from the resort. One can also get an occasional peek at small wild animals that roam the hillside and the wildlife sanctuary.

This hotel in Himalayas plan activities for their guests to make their stay interesting. We offer excursion, picnics, photography, bird watching, trekking etc. Amongst the activities that are planned by the resort, bird watching is very popular as a variety of native and migratory birds can be seen here and in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary which is a short distance from the resort. One can also get an occasional peek at small wild animals that roam the hillside and the wildlife sanctuary.

Kalmatia Sangam has a unique activity- the Kumaon village trek which the resort organizes for several days. This trek allows the guests to see and experience the lifestyle of the people living in this region. The resort maintains renovated rustic hutments for the visitors to rest and stay. Among the modern amenities, one has the access to clean and hygienic western style toilets and bathrooms with soaps, towels and other essentials provided. But this stay is organized essentially to give a feel of local traditions to the guests complete with local cuisine!

Other activities include temple visit, walk along the stream to rhododendron forest, visit to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and shopping. Shopping offers buying local products like honey, fruit preserves, organic soaps, pulses etc.

The relaxing atmosphere is accentuated with massage therapy and meditation. By the end of the stay you come back refreshed to your daily life with an experience to remember!