Monday, 21 July 2014

Home Away From Home - Kalmatia Sangam Cottages

The scenic region of Almora in Kumaon district in Uttarakhand boasts of some truly amazing hotels and resorts. Being comfortable and reasonable they encourage the guests to relax and mingle with the nature. Kalmatia Sangam is one such boutique resort. This Himalyan resort is 7km away from Almora and is perched on a lush green hilltop.

Eagle's Nest Cottage
We offer cottages for the guests to stay in, which are named after birds as this region is the home of many exotic bird species as well as numerous migratory ones. The largest among the cottages is Eagle’s Nest which can accommodate a whole family of children or a group of bachelors. Incidentally various types of Eagles can be spotted in this area and it sets an apt description of the cottage. It is a duplex with sitting room downstairs and bedroom and washroom upstairs. There is separate sleeping space for children.

Himalayan Magpie
The octagonal stone structured cottage, Himalyan Magpie, acquires its name from another bird which frequents this region. This is built for a smaller family or a couple. It faces the mountain with a spectacular view.

Himalyan Cuckoo is a common variety which is found in this region from which the next cottage gets its name. It too has a spacious living area which can accommodate a family of four. Its large bedroom opens out to a huge sun terrace with a magnificent mountain view.

A common species of bird seen around this Himalyan resort is Hoopoe with its feather crested crown and long tapering bill.  The cottage below Cuckoo takes its name from this one, Hoopoe. Mountain facing this cottage too accommodates a small sitting area with a spacious bedroom. It can easily accommodate a family of four.

Partridge Cottage
Pheasant and Partridge, two well-known bird species lend their names to the next two cottages. They have long balcony with mountain view. These also have two level accommodation ideal for a large family or a group. 

Owl, the snug compact cottage with twin beds, sitting area and a veranda with sitting arrangement is the best for elderly or solo travelers.

The next cottage, Scarlet Minivet is a fairytale stone cottage. Scarlet Minivet is a small bird with black and scarlet body colors, also found in this Kumaon region. It is more or less designed similarly as Owl.
Each cottage is elegantly decorated and contains all modern amenities. Extra bedding is also available if required.

If the guests are looking for a relaxed fun filled stay it is best that they make it a little more than the weekend. With four days and three nights one gets to explore the surroundings as well as rest. The resort team takes the initiative to make the stay eventful.

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