Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Kumaoni Way of Life

The northern hilly region of Kumaon offers one of the best holiday destinations in India. This region gives you an opportunity to stay close with the nature. With the abundance of flora and spectacular view of the Himalayas you will experience a kind of peace that is vastly missing in the cities. From mid September till April is the best time for Himalaya tour.

Kalmatia Sangama boutique resort near Almora is the best place where you can stay while you get familiar with the region. We at the resort organise a Kumaoni village trek to give you a glimpses into their way of life. While walking from one village to another you will experience the friendly nature of the people of this region.

Jageshwar Temple
The Kumaoni people are sturdy and hard working mostly working in the fields. They are also engaged in hand crafted artifacts which is a specialty of this region. Availability of variety of fruits also gives them an option to make jams etc. from fruit extract. Within their simple lifestyle they welcome guests and look after them with utmost hospitality.

The presence of a large number of temples show that they are religiously inclined people. The interesting fact about these temples is that they were built hundreds of years ago showing some unique architecture of that era. The most famous is the Jageshwar temple which is actually a cluster of number of temples.

The people of Kumaon are fond of festivals. They celebrate Dussehra, Diwali, Holi, Basant Panchami, Janmashtami etc. Sankranti is a festival which is celebrated with great fanfare during the harvest season. This festival has the attraction of holding village fairs too. A special mention should be made of the Ramlila plays that are performed during dussehra.

Village House
While on the Himalayan tour you will experience a great deal of Kumaoni cuisine. They are simple and are mostly made of pulses and vegetables. Most of the dishes are made from locally grown vegetables. Aloo ke gutke is a popular dish made with potatoes, whole coriander and spices. Papad ki sabji is made with colocacia leaves combined with spices and chick pea flour. Jhloli/Bhaat is also made with chick pea flour mixed with curd with pieces of radish cooked in the gravy.

The village walks through the interiors of Kumaon will show you the beauty of the place, cultivated fields in the hills, the prehistoric rock paintings and the spectacular site of the snow capped mountains right from your village house.

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