Friday, 31 October 2014

An Enchanting Himalaya Tour

Unknown to many, Kumaon region of India is stunning beautiful surrounded by majestic peaks of Himalayas, which are snow capped all the year round. The green Deodar and rhododendron forests, the symmetrical terraced fields , the fruit orchids lends an ethereal beauty to the whole valley unparallel to any other destination in India. While embarking on Himalaya tours you must consider the experience of walking through this picturesque region. To make your holiday a success we at Kalmatia Sangam have worked out a suitable itinerary to take you through these quaint little villages by foot. We recommend at least 6 days fully enjoying the experience.

To get a glimpse into the local lifestyle it is important that you stay overnight in one of our renovated village houses. These village houses are modified to suit our guest’s comfort without compromising the essence of the original construction. The village houses that are built for the guests are made in traditional way using wood, slate and stone. They have thatched tiled roofs and the interior is painted with mud and lime. This helps to keep the rooms warm in winters and cool in summers. The bathrooms are not attached to the main house as it was built similarly in the traditional way but each is provided with western toilet, fresh towels and organic soaps which are locally produced. Instead of hot shower you are provided with a hot bucket of water for your bath.

The village houses are often located at a height and are surrounded by oak, pine and rhododendron trees.  After a day’s walk through the terraced fields and green forests you will truly enjoy the enchanting views from the veranda outside your village house. You can have a cup of tea while admiring the view in this peaceful environment. At night you will be served tasty local cuisine by our local chef. The vegetables are locally grown at the backyard which is used to produce these meals. As for water, you will be served mineral water.

While you are on your Himalaya tours we plan a three overnight stay in three villages while walking from one village to other during the day. At the end of your village walk you return totally rejuvenated and happy to make your holiday a success.

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