Monday, 18 August 2014

A Soul Inspiring Visit- Kalmatia Sangam

Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, amongst variety of lush green flora, rests the town of Almora. This tiny town of Himalaya has inspired many a famous personalities. Its peaceful surroundings encouraged philosopher like Swami Vivekanand to come here for meditation and peace. The mighty Himalayas act as a backdrop for the travelers who want to come here for a holiday getaway. In spite of its size the city has to offer a lot in terms of tourism.

Chitai Bell Temple
If you are looking for resorts in Himalayas, Kalmatia Sangam near Almora is the place! Spread over 14 acres this resort rests on a hilltop enjoying great view of the mountain. We at Kalmatia Sangam strive to provide a comfortable and stress free holiday with delectable food and interesting activities.

Most of the resorts in Himalyas appeal to your spiritual experience and we at Kalmatia Sangam offer you the same with a visit to the many ancient temples that exists in this part of the country. The temple visit is one of our most interesting activities that we organize for the guests.

 Kasar Devi Temple
The walk to Chitai Bell temple will take you through beautiful green vegetation of fur and pine forests. It is the temple of Golu Devta, the God of justice. People who come here can make a wish by writing on stamp paper or letters to the God. Once their wish is fulfilled a brass bell is hung as an offering for the fulfillment of the wish of the devotee. This temple is characterized by thousands of brass bells hanging on its premises.
The other temple which is within easy reach of the resort is the Kasar Devi temple. It is one of oldest temple here dating back to 2nd century. The deity who is worshiped here is Kasar Devi. This temple is situated at the gateway of Kasar village and approach to the temple is a walk through Deodar and Pine forest. The area affords us a view of the majestic peaks of the Himalayas too.

Jageshwar Temples
Jageshwar temples are not very far from the resort and can be visited easily. This actually is a cluster of 150 temples built between 8th and 16th century. The temples are magnificent and have beautiful carvings. The most important among the 150 are Mritunjaya and Jyotirlinga.  The Dandeshwar temple complex is also nearby for you to visit.

Another temple which is worth visiting is Katarmal Sun temple. This temple is around 800 years old. It is built in such a way that the first rays of the sun falls on the shiva lingam within the temple. The temple is made of stone with pillars with beautiful carvings on them. There are 45 small temples surrounding the main temple.
The temple walk is one of our main activities that we recommend to our guests. These walks are refreshing and soul inspiring.

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